The story of Nupo and all of our products dates back to 1981.

The name Nupo is a contraction of the words “Nutritional Powder” = NuPo.

The original Nupo Diet powder – our legacy – was developed at Hvidore Hospital in Denmark in 1981 by the leading obesity researcher Dr. Flemming Quaade in collaboration with Oluf Mørk, who was in charge of commercialising the name.

Since 1981, our Nupo products have been tested and approved in more than 50 clinical trials, and our products continue to be further developed by research teams in hospitals throughout Denmark.

The continuous testing makes Nupo Diet the world’s oldest and most well-documented Very Low Calorie Diet product.

Due to Nupo’s effectiveness in providing secure weight loss, Nupo’s VLCD products are approved by the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark as a full diet replacement product, which means that you can use the Diet products to replace all of your daily meals.