Sanne Salomonsen on Nupo

The Nupo-products have been incredible for me. 

I often replace a meal with Nupo, and it helps me maintain my weight.

When I want to lose weight, I only eat Nupo for a period, where I add either chicken or fish to my soup.

And the new bars from Nupo Life is like candy for me, so I do not feel quilty when I want something sweet.

Nupo has really managed to develop their products, so they have a wide variety in taste.

- Sanne Salomonsen


Enock M. Poulsen - IBF Junior World Champion in Light Welterweight

As a professionel boxer I use Nupo's products to achieve my goals and ambitions. 

Nupo's products are a great help, when I need to reach a target weight for a specific day. 

There are probably a few that can relate to this. Wanting a certain weight for a specific day.

I use Nupo's Diet Shakes, when I want to reach my target weight before a fight, as it is a quick and convenient method, where my health and energy level are top priorities. 

I use Nupo's One Meal Shakes and Bars to control the amount of calories I consume during my daily life.

- Enock Mwandila Poulsen