What is Nupo Life?

The Nupo Life is an addition to our assortment that will make it easy and delicious to lead a healthy lifestyle, no matter when and where you are.

The “It’s a break”-series contains four bars which are all healthy snacks, they provide energy and fullness between meals. All the bars are made of natural ingredients added with different vitamins and minerals that gives you and your body an energy boost. We have downscaled the calories and each bar contain between only 150 and 190 calories.

Nupo Life provides you with:
  • A snack with a natural taste experience
  • A snack with extra vitamins and minerals
  • A snack ready to be eaten and easy to have on the go
  • A tasty smart alternative to candy bars filled with sugar and empty calories.

Nupo Life – “It’s a break” is a natural break in your life!

If you are interested in Nupo Life, you can buy them right here.

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