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What is Nupo Diet?


 The NUPO diet is the world’s most well documented VLCD brand.

The purpose of the Nupo diet is to create the most efficient and responsible diet for you who wants to kick start a weight loss.

The Nupo diet is for you who wants:

  • A full meal replacement
  • A responsible and well documented diet
  • The preferred diet by the Danish people for more than 35 years


The Nupo diet is a Very Low-Calorie Diet where you drink six shakes a day. The diet provides you with all the nutrients that you need – and at the same time your calorie intake stays below 800 calories.

VLCD=Very Low Calorie Diet

Nupo Diet offers you:

  • A very simple diet that is easy to use
  • A complete diet that guaranties you a correct composition of nutrients and a low-calorie intake
  • A safe and reliable diet that is based on 35 clinical studies
  • An easy solution that replaces your regular diet by six meals a day
  • Meals that is prepared in two minutes

      The Nupo diet is a simple solution for you who wants to keep your focus on other things than your diet.  Use the Nupo diet to kick start your new me.  It is recommended that you only use the Nupo Diet for a maximum of three weeks, before you start your regular diet again.

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